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The Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction 

For you to know there are psychological and physical causes of erectile dysfunction. This can only mean that men have a higher risk to acquire this disturbing medical condition in their lifetime. 

However, understanding the possible causes of this penile problem can serve as a big help for you to prevent or treat them them thus a lesser chance for you to suffer from this kind of health problem. 

Vascular disease 

Characterized by the narrowing and hardening of the body’s arteries, arteriosclerosis has the ability to reduce the flow of blood throughout the different parts of the body, which can lead to the development of impotence. 

According to a scientific study, this medical condition caused 60 percent of men aging from 60 and above to suffer from impotence. 

Diabetes Mellitus 

Higher levels of glucose or blood sugar in the body are associated with the condition diabetes mellitus which can often damage the body’s nerves and blood vessels. 

Since this medical condition causes the blood flow to be disrupted and the nerve impulses to be damaged which both are needed for erection, the sufferer are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. About 60 percent of men having diabetes suffer from impotence all over the world. 


As of now, there are over 200 prescription drugs that are found to contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction in men. This includes hypertension medications, tranquilizers, sedatives, antidepressants and heart medications. 

Excessive use of alcohol and illegal drugs may damage the nervous and vascular systems which are found to have a contribution in the development of impotence. 

Hormonal Imbalance 

Hormonal disorders are medically considered as one of the causes of erectile dysfunction as it is reported that this condition can contribute to the development of impotence. Although the chances are not that high, it is still possible for men to acquire erectile dysfunction when they suffer from hormonal imbalances. 

For some people, they may suffer from testosterone deficiency, a rare hormonal condition, which can lead to a loss of sexual desire and erection. More often than not, hormonal imbalance occurs due to liver disease or kidney disease. 

Psychological Conditions 

Reported to be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction, psychological problems such as guilt, anxiety, stress and worry decreases the sexual desire of an individual and all of them are found to contribute to the development erectile dysfunction. If men experience little or no erection or even erection loss in times of a sexual activity, they tend to worry thinking it might happen again. 

More often than not, this can lead them to feel anxious about their sexual performance which in turn can result to chronic psychological problems every time a sexual intercourse is performed. If this happens again and it becomes chronic, this will eventually lead to impotence.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction 

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